10th of October 2009



                 Welcome Peoples of all Countries! 


This page is going to be the main-page for visitors who donīt understand German but want to know what is going on here in Germany. I beg Your pardon that I havenīt prepared it better, my fight in the community of United Anarchists takes a lot of my time for a lot of things.

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But even if You should not be interested in Anarchy, even if You should hate Anarchy, You should inform You beginning with this moment using this page which will be freshed up at least once a week:

The SS-Satanism is the enemy of all, not only of Anarchists!

It had not been a matter of coincidence that Auschwitz, Sobibor, Majdanek and other places of secret doing of the SS looked like hell:  Within the SS Himmler had founded the "Order of the Black Sun", a much more secret network than the SS herself. And that network didnīt die in 1945, it survived best covered, but powerfully!

No one of You will able to understand the doing of German economy and politics really without having that knowledge I will present You here, step by step. A problem is that documents I will use to give You the proof for my statements are nearly all written in German language. But I will publish those documents here to place them at Your disposal and I will translate the most important parts of their contents to American/English.

It would be very kind of You to inform others so that they will look at this page, too. All of You should know that I am haunted because of political reasons, that German justice of today is nothing better than the justice during 3rd-Empire had been: Judges ignore any law and any facts if they want to get a special result that do not match with law and facts. That is really true as I will proof here very soon!

The situation is that no one in Germany dares to accuse the crimes of state like I do, and there are important reasons to shy away from that. I couldnīt stand if I would stay alone and if no one would know me, and i couldnīt stand if I wouldnīt have given up the fear of Death and Devil. That is really true, they would torture me to death if they could do it without getting any reaction.

So the situation is like that one during the time of 3rd German Empire: The people are anxious and donīt dare to fight against German State, they keep their mouths closed and look down to the ground.

That means we need support from the international community as we needed such support to rescue Germany from Hitler and Himmler.

But this time we donīt need Your tanks and soldiers, we need political and economical boycott of Germany. To convince You to give us that support is the political target of this page, and, if possible, to get true friendship with all of You!

By the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists

Karl-Haarmann-Str. 75, 44536 Luenen, Germany,  phone international 0049 231 986 27 20

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Words of a retired German judge about the SS-Justice in German present:   Please click at me!    

The Horror of SS and SS-Satanism:  Please click at me! 

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13th of October 2009

Wonderful Women, dear Men!  German Anarchists are fighting in Germany against the SS-Devil who has survived and is more powerful than ever before. We have to admit that we couldnīt fight successfully without the support of our international Community United Anarchist, especially not without the really very great support of our Sisters and Brothers in the USA.  We German Anarchists know very well that it isnīt the first time that US-Americans are helping against unendurable terror of German State. We know very well what a high price in blood US-GIs had to pay to fight down Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS, and we know very well that most of our mothers and fathers were happy when US-tanks rolled into their towns: No bombs anymore, no SS-terror anymore, no cruelties to civilists.

General Patton, but also the British General Montgomery are enjoying our highest respect for that what they have done, but politicians have regrettably failed to clean Germany from the power of the SS as well as from the spirit of the SS - supposely they were concentratedly looking at Moscow only.

Anyway we have to thank both You US-Americans and British-Empire-People the rescue from Hitler and official SS-Domination, and we have to thank the wonderful Anarchists especially of the U.S.A. a very great support in our present-day fight against the SS. So I have decided to write more in US-English than in German beginning at this moment, and I hope for Your understanding that my US-English is not the very best - but I will work for it by reading ABC- and BBC-News daily. Anyway I have begun creating a new Index for all visitors from the USA, Great Britain and so on, and that page will give You insights to German reality You surely canīt get by any medias. Of course I will give You the proofs, too.

Here is the first step to the new freegermany.de-page in American-English, which will be accessable as the German page from the main-page freegermany within the next days and then will get refreshed daily:  Please click at me!

Please, donīt let German People stand alone!

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka