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Right hand You see a letter to the editor published in "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on 2nd of April 2008. That letter has been written by Frank Fahsel, who had been a judge at the regional court (Landgericht) of Stuttgart from 1973 until 2004 when he retired. You can find a lot of articles in German language about him if You use his name as a search key for instance on Google.

The retired Judge Frank Fahsel writes amongst others:

"Ich war von 1973 bis 2004 Richter am Landgericht Stuttgart und habe in dieser Zeit ebenso unglaubliche wie unzählige, vom System organisierte Rechtsbrüche und Rechtsbeugungen erleben müssen, gegen die nicht anzukommen war, weil sie systemkonform sind."

That means:

"I had been a judge at the Landgericht Stuttgart from 1973 until 2004 and had been forced to experience as unbelievable and countless breaches of law as well as perversions of justice, organized by the system, and there had been no chance to do anything against them, because they conformed to the system."

"Ich habe unzählige Richterinnen und Richter, Staatsanwältinnen und Staatsanwälte erleben müssen, die man schlicht "kriminell" nennen kann."

That means:

"I had been forced to experience countless judges and public prosecutors You can simply call "criminale.""

"In der Justiz gegen solche Kollegen vorzugehen, ist nicht möglich, denn das System schützt sich selbst vor einem outing - durch konsequente Manipulation."

That means:

"To proceed against such colleagues within the justice is not possible cause the system protects itself from  any outing - by consequent manipulation."

"Wenn ich an meinen Beruf zurückdenke (ich bin im Ruhestand), dann überkommt mich ein tiefer Ekel vor "meinesgleichen""

That means:

"When I remember the time of my profession (I have (age-related!) retired) then a deep disgust for "those of my own kind" comes over me."


























German ex-judge Frank Fahsel, age-relatedly retired, accuses the FRG-Justice of  "systematic"  "breaches of law" and "perversions of justice"!