20th of October 2009, 07.39 pm German Time

Wonderful Women, dear Men!

That had been Nadine Ostrowski:

A young woman of Polish descent, killed by an action of absolutely perfidious and cruel satanic murder at the age of only 15 years, August 2006 in Wetter / Ruhr near Dortmund, FRG.

She was a woman of highest intelligence, had just overleaped a school-year at Highschool (Gymnasium), was a really dear woman who hadn1t  done anything wrong. She was very sensitive, too, painted images which give impressions of that, for instance:


That wonderful young woman had been killed by German SS, and that matter is not to outperform regarding all facts. At this time the facts donīt allow any doubt that murder happened in order of FRG-State and at this time all important medias in Germany know that as well as the Governments of all European states.

Of course the umbrella organization of the Jews in Germany, best corrupted for giving Germany a good image in the world, knows that, too. That has had consequences: The money the FRG pays them has been trebled by the FRG.

So You can say German Jews get not only well corrupted on the bones of millions of Jews murdered by the old SS, they get corrupted on the bones of murdered Nadine Ostrowski, too. The umbrella organization of German Jews, "Der Zentralverband der Juden in Deutschland", is living very well picking over the bones of murdered people. 

That is Germany 2009, and the European states seem to accept that.

Tomorrow the first part of the story of FRGīs murder to Nadine Ostrowski - here, where else?

Certainly I will give You the proofs - they are published in German language long ago, for instance on:


With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, very proud to be a member of United Anarchists!!!

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FRG- State Has Done the Most Evil Crime!

Wonderful Women, dear Men!

A lot of You may think: "Why should FRG kill a young woman of Polish descent, why should FRG intentionally sentence an innocent for that? Impossible!"

Of course I can give answers concerning the reasons, but that will not be the first step. The first step will be to prove that they sentenced an innocent and that there can be no doubt that they knew that - that they did it intentionally. That proof contains two aspects, each of them excludes that the sentenced Philipp J. could have been he murderer of Nadine O. : Firstly he cannot even have been at the crime scene, besause there werenīt to find any marks of him - allegededly with one exception: At a light switch the police had removed they demand to have found marks of him. Nowhere else the smallest mark of him in that house where he should have murdered Nadine Ostrowski in rage, regarded that murder has taken place not in 1890, but in 2006, not anywhere in the deepest jungle of Africa, but in Germany. Just that excluded the delionquent of Philipp J.: You cannot even enter a house without leaving marks that could be found and analyzed by using modern forensic science. 

The other aspect is not less serious: The body of dead Nadine O. was hurted only in the area of head and cervical, there were no injuries of her arms and hands, not any indication that she would have tried to defend herself while Philipp J. should have beaten her several times with a torch into her face, then should have strangled her with a cable up to the point she lost her awareness. That is - as long as the victim is not forced to keep motionless, for instance by being captivated, absolutely excluded, too: No one would keep without any defending if You would do those thing to him - she or he would defend herself/himself instinctively. Especially it is not possible to strangle a human being that can move itīs arms and hands with a cable: You need two hand for strangling someone with a cable, that means the victim has full control over his own hands. Try to strangle a woman that is not captivated, but aware with a cable and she will scratch out Your eyes as an instinctive reaction in fear of death. But Nadine Ostrowski hadnīt done anything to defend herself...

I can give absolutely serious proofs for that, but I have to translate and to make the layout yet: Statements of the chief-prosecutor in that matter, of the speaker of the law-court where the proceedings ran, statements of the police, a collection containing the proofs is here: Please click at me! 

Regarding those two aspects, look above,  I need only a few of those documents, but the others will be important related to other aspects of the case. I will not only prove that Philipp J. is not the murder of Nadine Ostrowkis, but something more...

I will offer You the proofs for the innocence of Philipp J. tomorrow - including a provable translation and in brief!