Foreword: We Anarchists do not divide nations in good and bad nations, we do not look at the colour or descent of a human being, we only look into her respectively his heart. But the U.S.A. are the most important country in this world at this time: China is blind and dangerous, Russia hasnīt found the way to give his own people the chance of freedom yet, and so the U.S.A. are that country with the most powerful potential for a better world at this time. That doesnīt mean glorifying the U.S.A. in total  - there are running really evil things, too, the U.S.A. stand for horrible crimes, too. You cannot dispute about the war against Vietnam, for instance. But in contrary to the jubilation of the majority of the German People at the beginnings of World War I and World War II about German warfare there had never been jubilation about the U.S. warfare against Vietnam in the U.S.A. - just in contrary, there were mass-protests! Regarding the role of the U.S.A. in World War II there have been evil crimes - the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, bombs on German civilists, breaking the Conventions of Geneva by Eisenhower when he let German prisoners of War starve and in some cases die of hunger. But to have a look at the full scene means to remember in which way Japanese and Germans had fought against US-soldiers who fought against Japanese and German Fashism and what Japanese had done to Chinese peoples and others, and what Germans had done to Polish, Russian, Jewish peoples and others. The US-Army had paid a high price on itīs march from Omaha Beach, Swordbeach, Golden Beach and so on to Germany, hundred thousands of US Soldiers had to die because of the fanatic fight of Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht when the war for Germany was already lost. Every US-GI who reached Germany had seen comrades crying and dying right and left hand, and always the killers were Germans. I do not think it was right was Eisenhower has done to German prisoners of War, but I can understand him. And to make a judgement about the role of the U.S.A in World War II You have to regard the alternative of a war without the U.S.A.: Firstly a much longer war, that had been driven very cruelty as well by the Japanese and the Germans as by the Russians and the Chinese. Perhaps Japan, not minor fashistic and rassistic than Germany, would have won the war in the East, but Germany would have lost the war in any case: Even before starting "Barbarossa" SS-scientists had calculated that Germany could never win the war against Russia, but Hitler and Himmler didnīt want to take notice. Hitler had underestimated the potential of the Russians as well in military as in economical aspect, and Himmler was so crazy to think it would be a fight against primitive beneath human beings. So they had to wonder very soon. If the U.S.A. wouldnīt have taken part in World War II the result would have been that the Russians would have taken whole Germany - at the end of a much longer and very cruel war. Russians full of hatred, who thought every German would be the Devil himself. We have to thank the U.S.A. really very, very much that they prevented that. Perhaps the Russians would have killed my mother or my father years before my birth.  The U.S.A. had offered many of their own boys also for the sake of the German People. We Anarchists are always exerted to see all aspects, and we are not willed to damn the People of the U.S.A.


15th of October 2009, 10.22 pm German Time

Wonderful Women, dear Men in the U.S.A.!

Some time ago, I think it should have been at least two years, I had written to my anarchic Sisters and Brothers that we all could be very glad because of the existence of the U.S.A. That didnīt and doesnīt mean that we could sing "Everything is good in America" by heart. There have been and there are happening a lot of things in responsibility of the U.S.A. we criticize very hardly.

But there are some things much better in the U.S.A. than in Germany and in Europe: Firstly the U.S.A. donīt fear Germany and they do not depend on Germany. There is no one in Germany who could take a phone, call anyone in the U.S.A. and tell him: "If You will not do this and that, then You will have to suffer hard consequences!"

Secondly there is much more freedom of information in the U.S.A. I want to clarify that by two examples: When a US-politicians has been seen together with a prostitute then he can read that in the papers next day morning. That is really important - sexual dependence is the strongest chain of slavery, so that instrument is often used to manipulate politicians. But in Germany you do never read or hear about such things - German journalists pretend such matters would be the private affairs of the politicians. Private matters of the politicians if their ability to act independent is in danger or already lost? No, that mustnīt be taken as their private affairs!

The other example: In 2000 or 2001 You could read in the New York Observer and other papers not only that George W. Bush, US-President at that time, was a member of Skull & Bones, but that this Order would practice satanic rituals, too.

You can take it as absolutely excluded that a German media would report about it if any German politician would be convictable as a  member of a satanic Order. Even the story of Bush and Skull & Bones had not been really presented by German media - but it was spread in German internet as a consequence of the publishings in the U.S.A.

One difference between Germany and the U.S.A. seems to be that Germany endured a very cruel haunting of Democrats, Soicialists and other fighters against Fashism, so the brave peoples were murdered or settlede down in foreign countries, while such a "Cleaning" never took place in the U.S.A. So brave peoples there survived, got children and educated them in the right way.

Another difference seems to be that the German population so far it is rich/powerful is much more homogeneous than the elite of money and power in the U.S.A. If You regard that elite in Germany You see the effect of Hitlerīs and Himmlerīs doing: Aryans according to the measure of Hitler and Himmler. The elite of money and power in the In the U.S.A. however is mixed: A cocktail of different nations and religions.

So it doesnīt wonder that in Germany dominates a homogeneous spirit on the side of the elite of power and money so that elite is united in all basic matters, while the inhomogeneity of the elite of power/money in the U.S.A. prevents that kind of unity and guarantees a certain protection against dictatorship.

Of course there have been and there are evil crimes of state in the U.S.A., too, but in all those cases there are any politicians, any high judges, any medias and so on who say: "No! That isnīt right!" But in Germany the really worsest crimes are surpressed, their is no politician, no judge and no media who would say: "No! That isnīt right!"

That is the situation, and it is really true that Germany including Austria needs help by righteous and brave U.S.-Americans. Not help by giving money, but help by spreading informations and making economical and political pression.

We will be lost without that help.

Please look daily at this page and please inform others! Tonight I will  work  on this page, I will give my best to give You good and interesting informations!

Our highest deity is a Goddess - according to the rules of natural human life. You can call her "Freedom", "Liberty" or, which is the same, "Anarchy". So let me say to You: Goddess bless the U.S.A.! 

With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka

Some words from a German Anarchist about the U.S.A. and some words to the People of the U.S.A.  16th of October 2009, by Winfried Sobottka
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