Foreword: We Anarchists do not divide nations in good and bad nations, we do not look at the colour or descent of a human being, we only look into her respectively his heart. But Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world and so it will play a great role for the whole world - a good role or a bad role. And so Russia is one of three countries I want to say some special words about and I want to say some special words to the Russian People, too. Firstly about the past: No one is responsible for his descent, and I werenīt responsible for my descent when my parents would have been crazy racists, but they werenīt and so I have been educated not be a racist myself. My parents had been already married when Hitler started the war against the Soviet-Union, my father and an uncle of mine worked together with Russian prisoners of war, got friendship with them. Both were miners of coal pits, and most of the simple miners were friendly to the Russians, had compassion with them and hated the SS who treated those Russians really very badly. The Russians thanked German miners who gave them food by making articles of daily use, the Russians were very good in technical affairs, we had a wooden sewing-box with several frame joints, made of simple material, but accurate work and really good. The Russians werenīt primitive or unable, they were very clever masters of  improvisation. I know that since I was a little child. And I know that they werenīt evil if You treated them well, my father as well as my uncle made good experiences with them. So there is nothing on my side that You could call anti-Russian or anything like that, although I know about the horrible crimes of Stalin and other Soviet-leaders. But were the German crimes better? I would have to hate the whole world if I would take all nations as responsible for the evil crimes anyone of a nation has ever done. We Anarchists know that evilness isnīt a consequence of descent but of education and circumstances of life only. And so we all regard Russians as human beings like all others, but of course we are looking at the very powerful Russia with a mixture of hope and apprehension: Russia can give the world so much good, but so much bad, too.

16th of October 2009, 02.23 am German Time

Wonderful Women, dear Men in Russia!

I regret to say that Germany is not really another one than in those days when crazy Germans were decided to enslave all Russians, better said all Slavs. I know very well that German leaders of politics, economics and so on will deny that, but I think that those Russians who have demonstrated interest in in the last months should have understood that German reality and the pretence of German reality are two different matters.

Germans like me, Anarchists and others who think anyhow reasonable and righteous, want true friendship with a rigtheous Russia, of course. But Germans like me are not the leaders of German politics and German economy, in contrary to that those are our enemies.

At this time the world is already a tinderbox: U.S.A., China, Russia and Japan are arming themselves in a fearsome way, as if no one of them would have understood that it is the absolutely wrong way for all. But what do they all substantially do to avoid wars in future, to get true friendship between all Peoples in the world? Nothing! They are aiming only for getting more and more power and richdom for themselves, are absolutely blind for anything else.

Some of those countries know very well what is about Germany at this time. But they think taht this Germany can be useful for their own purposes. Calculations like that had opened the gate to World War II, and if such calculations should open the gate to World War III then that might be the end of mankind.

There is no target that is higher than the happiness of a people, and happiness bases on peace and freedom and social justice.

Russians arenīt simply minded, a lot of the worldīs best mathematicians, physicists, chess-players and so on were or are Russians.

What would we give for it when Russian politics would really give itīs best for mankind! That would be the true proof of greatness of mind!

Our highest deity is a Goddess - according to the rules of natural human life. You can call her "Freedom", "Liberty" or, which is the same, "Anarchy". So let me say to You: Goddess bless Russia! 

With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka

Some words from a German Anarchist about Russia and some words to the People of Russia.  16th of October 2009, by Winfried Sobottka
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