Foreword:  I will continue here later, at first I have to sleep some hours. But before that I want to give the explanation why I decided to use the flag of Cuba representative for all countries that are not meant under another title: Cuba has resisted all pressions of the Capitalists for decades, Cuba had ever avoided to get a slave of the Soviet Union, Cuba has had and has hardly to fight, but nevertheless Cuba is far away from being one of the evilst violators of human rights: The evilst violations of human rights on the island of Cuba have taken place in Guantanamo Bay, and the actors weren´t Cubans, but servants of the U.S.-Capitalism. And so I think that Cuba is a really good example for all "small" countries in the world that no surrender to Capitalism or any other kind of Imperialism is the best formula! True Liberty for all Nations around the World!

We Anarchists do not divide nations in good and bad nations, we do not look at the colour or descent of a human being, we only look into her respectively his heart.

Some words from a German Anarchist about Russia and some words to the People of Russia.  16th of October 2009, by Winfried Sobottka
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