Foreword:  At first I want to give the explanation why I decided to use the flag of Danmark representative for all countries of Europe with the exception of Russia (that I have written about and to especially): Danmark is much more democratic and reasonable than most, perhaps all other countries in the world. Danes are living the principe "Live and let live!", they are much more righteous than the Germans, for instance, they are much mir brave and so on. They have proved that in the Third Reich, but they prove that today, too.  In Northern Germany there is a small political Danish Party of the Danish minority there, called Suedschleswigscher Waehlerverband/Sydslesvigsk Vælgerforening, and that is the really best political party in Germany. The leader is a reasonable, righteous and spunky woman of that kind we Anarchists do like, her name is Anke Spoorendonk. She has no understanding for German politics, she demands reason and justice, and she fights for solutions of consensus in all affairs. That is it what we need, everywhere: Righteousness, reason and solutions of consenus!!! And I donīt know another country which stands for that like Danmark. So I have decided to use the Danish flag representative for whole Europe.

We Anarchists do not divide nations in good and bad nations, we do not look at the colour or descent of a human being, we only look into her respectively his heart. Of course we want a healthy nationalism, cause every human being needs a homeland, a country which he belongs to according to her/his feeling. But are convinced that there are no good or bad nations, and we are convinced that the sake of any nation cannot be founded on the harm of any other nation, but only on best friendship to all other nations. Between true Anarchists those things are absolute matters of course, but we know that these existentially important things are no matters of course in this world. So we hope that we can contribute to let these things get matters of course for everyone.


Wonderful Women and Men in Europe!

Some of You may think: "Is it my problem what there is running in Germany?" I know that most of You donīt think so, and the reason for that is very clear: Whole Germany means FRG and Austria, is not only the most powerful country in Europe with the exception of Russia, but has proved twice how dangerous it can be for all other European Countries in the last 100 years.

Of course there is no reason to fear German bombs could fall on Rotterdam, Warszaw or London tomorrow, and no reason to fear German tanks could roll to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Danmark, Czech Republik, Greece and so on tomorrow.

But what does it mean when, for instance,  Polish water and electricity supplies are in German hands, when Germans are conquering Your countries not by using tanks, but by using money and EU-politics? Should that be for the sake of Your countries? If You have a look at German politics of the last decades You will find out there has been a gigantic redistribution of income: All money to the rich ones, all others pushed more an more to pauperism and slavery by money.

Why should German Capitalists be kinder to other peoples than to the German people? Who could be such naive to think philantrophy would be the drive for German Capitalists to buy other countries step by step?

The Parliament of the Netherlands did well when they prevented the selling of Dutch supplies to the German RWE-concern: "Dutch supplies belong in Dutch hands", they decided. Poland had understood what kind of danger it was that the German Springer-consern had been going to get media-concern No. 1 in Poland, they called the Britains for help to build up a powerful Polish media.

I am a German Nationalist, every true Anarchist is a Nationalist, too, but my understanding of Nationalismus is, that only glad and indepedent neighbours can be good for Germany. And so I am an enemy of any attempts to conquer Poland or other countries, not only by tanks, but by the Euro or other means, too.

The best You can do for Anarchy in Germany: Be righteous and reasonable, do not get victims of the birdcalls of German money and politics, never give up the self-determination of Your countries!

With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka

Some words from a German Anarchist about Russia and some words to the People of Russia.  16th of October 2009, by Winfried Sobottka

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