Foreword: We Anarchists do not divide nations in good and bad nations, we do not look at the colour or descent of a human being, we only look into her respectively his heart. China is the most powerful country in the world and so it will play the main role for the whole world - a good role or a bad role. I am really sorry to say that China makes me fearful. I canīt help to say that China is obviously the most fashistic and inhumane country among the three big ones, I donīt think that China is any better than Tennoīs Japan or Hitlerīs Germany were. Of course I donīt think that fact would base in Chinese genomes, it is a consequence of an aberration that is running for several thousand of years. China is the oldest civilization on earth, so that all defects of civilization have caused much stronger effects on social thinking and behaviour than anywhere else. Surely not everywhere in China - I know that China is a very inhomogeneous country, but in all times concerning the imperators. Furthermore around 50 millions of upgrowing male Chinese who will not have a chance to get a wife - because of a mixture of inconsiderated politics of birth control and crazy opinions in the the population about the worth of women and men. Just those 50 millions coming Chinese men will be the detonator for a catastrophe as well for China as for the rest of the world if it should be impossible to start an international program to help them getting wives.

I know very well what is the reason for the Chinese interest in freegermany: Getting stuff to prevent German accusations of the crimes in China, following the motto: "People who live in a glas-house shouldnīt throw stones!" I canīt like that, I can deepestly condemn that only.

Of course I donīt think that my words to China will change anything - Chinaīs leaders are not minor crazy than Hitler and Himmler were, those couldnīt be impressed by any facts as long as  facts didnīt match with their crazy ideas. Surely it will be the same concerning the Chinese leaders, and so I donīt understand countries who help China making stronger by making business with the Chinese leaders. A reasonable China would be a benefit for all countries, but at this moment China seems to be the absolute horror for itīs own People and for the whole world.


 16th of October 2009, 03.25 am German Time

Wonderful Women, dear Men in China!

What would we give for it when Chines politics would really give itīs best for mankind! That would be the true proof of greatness of mind!

Our highest deity is a Goddess - according to the rules of natural human life. You can call her "Freedom", "Liberty" or, which is the same, "Anarchy". So let me say to You: Goddess bless the People of China! 

With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka

Some words from a German Anarchist about Russia and some words to the People of Russia.  16th of October 2009, by Winfried Sobottka

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